Taking up photography as a hobby?

I was thinking about taking up amature photography just as a fun little hobby project as something to do now and again.

Has any one done this before or got any related tips?


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  • Usually, at local community colleges or even in high schools, there are adult education / night courses to learn about the basics of such hobbies. Also Google photography clubs that may exist in your area and join. Even if you have no experience, you'd be networking with all the right people who can answer your questions.

    I'll say this: there is a bit of poetry when it comes to taking a good photograph. Same with patience like fishing; sometimes you need to wait for just the right moment for a shot.

    Once you get good, you will need a good camera and accessories like filters and zoom lenses.

    You should though decide in some way or find out what you want to photograph. Like landscapes, sports actions shots, nature shots, headshots... etc.

    • Ok thanks, I will look into some of that stuff

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    • I live in thr Uk so there is a lot of neat stuff and landscapes to use as ideas

    • In the UK, Google "camera club" or "photography club". Most there are "camera clubs".

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  • Hello! I love shooting cause I can take moments of my life and share what I am feeling.
    I upload my photos on instagram, I am @martinasuzuki. If you want to see and ask me tips.
    The first time take good photos is a bit difficult because you have to know a bit about brightness, contrast and so forth. But if you have passion you can do it!
    Moreover I think you don't have a reflex camera needs because if you are a good photographer, you can take good pics with all type of camera.
    In brief my tip is having passion and choose your sort of pics you want to shoot. For example, landscape, portray, macro etc.


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