Do you really know The Roots?

I just wanted to make this because The Roots are now the band for Jimmy Fallon but they're really great musicians and I like their music so I wanted to tell people that they're not just a band for a talk show. I've seen them live 3 times and their live performances are usually really great. Since they are a band they can improvise and change their songs, do mashups or whatever. The first time I saw them was at the end of a 3 day music fastival, they were the last act on Sunday from 6 to 8. It was a beautiful sunny day and the concert was amazing! They played for nearly 3 hours and it was just great. The guitarist has a great voice and at one point It wa just him the bass player and percussion doing a 12 minute song. I have no clue what the song was, it wasn't one of their songs but it was awesome. At another concert I was in the first row and I got a drumstick from Questlove he always throws them out. At the first concert he even threw out a big symbal like a frisbee, It flew so far, sadly I didn't catch it :/.

Good hip hop music does exist but most of what's popular right now is absolute garbage, it's quite sad. Anyway I hope you listened to some of these songs if you didn't know The Roots yet, you don't have to like them just check them out :)
comment pls T. T, you can comment if you don't like it too np.


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  • they are a phenomenal band. proud to say they are from my area. i've seen them countless times including their annual picnic. they are crazy talented from their MC Black Thought to all the instrumentalists.

    I've seen them cover just about every genre of music. I've heard them play AC/DC and Aerosmith covers and of course all the hip hop they play


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  • Wow what a weird choice for them to make. I wonder how much they're getting paid.

    • I don't know but, I think it's not too bad of a gig, they're way more involved in the show than other bands. There's the segment freestyling with the roots, they play backup sometimes when a artist is performing, they do the videos where they perform a song with classroom instruments and stuff. I think overall it's pretty fun and relaxed and they still get some time off to work I think so whatever :). I was surprised too when they made that decision though.

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