Who would you choose to protect you while the others try to hunt you down?

I know this doesn't belong in this category but I'm most active here and wondered who you guys would choose.

Rules: pick 2 that will protect you while the other 4 hunt you. Who will be your protectors?

1. Deadpool
2. Wolverine
3. Gambit
4. Deathstroke
5. Green Arrow
6. Batman

Keep in mind that the other 4 are not fighting against ur 2 protectors. They are trying to kill/capture YOU! Your protectors will try to keep them from getting tou


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  • Deadpool and Wolverine

    Every one of the others except for Deathstroke are pretty much mortal and can die by normal means. Even with Deathstroke though, he doesn't regenerate anywhere near as fast as Deadpool and Wolverine

    The only way you can kill Deadpool and Wolverine is if you destroy ALL of their cells almost simultaneously

    • Fair point. I didn't consider that enough. But at the same time u have to realize that Deadpool and Wolverine hate each other generally and always at each others throats. So they'd be distracted and Deathstroke could snipe u from afar. Or Green Arrow. As protectors I'm not sure they'd be good enough to keep u alive. And for the record those 2 r my favorite characters lol

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  • Deadpool and Batman

    • Now thus! This is probably the duo I would've chosen myself

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    • Thank u for MHG... and I am Lioness... I produce love spells that drop men to their knees, and then I devour them ;)

    • Hahaha ur welcome and then I guess u wouldn't need any protectors from these guys lol

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  • I wouldn't choose anyone from that list, I would choose Brian Blessed.


    • He may be an accomplished man but if you choose him to protect u then ur utterly screwed dude

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    • That simply would not happen. Blessed would punch Wolverine right in his fucking nose to save WOLVERINE from the thunderous wrath that is Brian Blessed.

    • Hahaha u give me a good laugh lol

  • Batman obviously

    • Only Batman? So u would leave the other 5 to hunt u with only Batman's protection?

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    • I don't know 😂😂
      I lack in the super hero department.

    • Hahaha I'm just playing anyway lol whoever is the good guy at the time will succeed regardless of circumstances lol that's how it works. Somehow they always win in the end

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