Need new bands to listen to?

help! I need new bands/ songs to listen to because i always listen to the same bands everyday and i just wanna add more music on my spotify. It'll be more helpful if they were underground too.
here is a list of bands i currently listen to so you can tell what my taste is like and please only recommend bands that are of the same genre as these NO "justin beiber " or any of that shit.

-brand new
-circa survive
-say anything
-tonight alive
-twenty øne piløts
- pierce the veil
- sleeping with sirens (mostly just their old songs though)
- coheed & cambria
-mayday parade
- primus
-pink floyd
- led
- radiohead
- weezer
- tool
-red hot chilli peppers
- aiden
-the used
-something corporate
- a day to remember
-the 1975
- new found glory
-neck deep
- silverstein
-escape the fate
- the ramones
-billy talent
and more ( don't wanna sit here listing them all.)
And i would be willing to listen to heavier bands because i'm kind of tired of the post-hardcore/pop punk genre tbh punk rock is welcome to although i do listen to it but not as many bands as i'd like.


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  • New as in current? I can't really help you there, as I don't really follow the trendy bands. If you're talking new as in bands you've never heard / are unfamiliar with, let me introduce you to my favorite genre of music: 80s melodic rock.

    Here's some great starters:

    REO Speedwagon
    Bon Jovi
    Le Roux
    Bad English


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  • The Doors if your into classic rock.


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  • Heavy? The Deep Purple Made In Japan Album fucking rocks! Highway Star off that album is still the definition of hard rocking heavy metal imho

  • Listen to Heidi. Kiri is a really talented drummer.

    • No youngster talented drummers were Keith Moon, John Bonham and the still living Neil Peart and Chester Thompson. Don't know who they are? All are rock and roll hall of famers for The Who, Led Zeppelin, Rush, and Genesis respectively

  • Gross, the emo kid. And it's actually an insult to Floyd, the Ramones and Weezer to be put on that list.

    • Shut the fuck up please. NONE of those bands are emo. Literally look their genres up. They're all mostly a genre called "post-hardcore " (i'm sure you've never heard of that since you know nothing about genres ) or pop - punk which is actually a really good genre if you were more open minded and didn't follow what everyone else thinks of those genres. And by your username i'm guessing you like electronic music so you have no room to judge , goodbye!

    • I actually do know "post-hardcore', I listened to a few PH & metalcore bands back in the day like: ISMFOF, Confide, WCAR, The Word Alive etc. And Electronic music is not just Trance or Dubstep (EDM), there's a WHOLE bunch more genres to Electronica than the ones everyone is familiar with. I don't even like mainstream Electronic, I listen to Synthpop, Chillwave, Synthwave, Vaporwave, Future Funk, Nu Disco, Downtempo, Nu Jazz, some House etc...

  • check out the songs of linkin park, or metallica, maybe you'll like it.


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