I wanna go down in history for a good party much like project X TIPS?

o I need to know any tips from some former party throwers I'm in high school a sophomore but I'm a wrestler and i mean I have been having a lot of fun already this year it's not like I'm bored but I wanna throw a party like project X it was hard finding a place to crash at but I find one they don't have a pool but they do have a big ass house I have people who can make the word go out like wild fire but i need tips cause some people are gonna bring you know the (usual stuff) im just worried about the cops but it's high school party so you should know what's gonna be there but what can I do to make this party legendary like project X I'm on a low budget by the way. I'm actually nervous hosting something this big P. S you can come 😂


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  • its never gonna be like the movie bro, just enjoy life lol.


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  • Well good luck getting arrested for disorderly conduct


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