Help? Is it wrong to use another person's idea?

So, this is stupid and not really what the site is for, but I had to ask an opinion. My friend and I are in the same class (same level, same teacher for English) but different sections. We have an assignment due Wednesday- make a poetry book. I hadn't given much thought to it, but figured when i finished the assignment I would make it pretty and stuff. Again, not much thought. My friend texted me saying she was going to make a full out BOOK- cover of construction paper with thread binding tying in the pages.

I thought it was a really cool idea, and now I want to do something similar. Would it be taken as copying, or offensive? It's unlikely she would see what I did, but I wasn't sure. It's not as if I'm changing a design I already had to use her idea- I just thought it would be cool. It would be different from hers: different poems obviously, different cover design and whatnot. I would just use the idea of turning in my work by holepunching paper and tying it together with string and such in order to make a book.

Is this copying? Help?

  • It's fine. You aren't stealing her entire project, so you aren't doing anything wrong.
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  • You shouldn't do it since she came up with the idea first.
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  • Yeah it's wrong unless you actually got permission from the person to do something similar to them based on their own idea.


What Girls Said 2

  • i highly recommend not using that person's idea, even if u aren't copying it completely. that's not cool.

  • Sounds great to me!

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