What do you think of this poem I've written?

I don't write a lot, so I'm open to constructive criticism! :)

"There she goes again
With her cold, judging eyes
And her lips, always curled up in a snarl
Oh look,
It's just her resting bitch face"

When I go about,
People avoid my gaze
They refuse to meet my eyes,
And choose to see
Just my resting bitch face

And I think about
The laughter with my friends,
The stolen moments with him,
And actually feel giddy inside
But my expression says otherwise
I can't help it
It's just my resting bitch face

But talk to me
And see
That my attitude was never
As bitter as my expression

Talk to me,
Open your eyes and see
That I am more than
Just my resting bitch face
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  • its good but the way you written its kind of funny.

  • You should try Wattpad.


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