Presenting Kpop Groups: Girls Generation (aka SNSD) do you like them :) ?

Presenting Kpop Groups: Girls Generation (aka SNSD)  do you like them :)  ?Girl's Generation are the most popular Kpop girl group they are basically royalty in Korea. They are also popular in other countries like Japan and have performed in the states aswell. Their top 5 youtube videos have over 600 Million views combined. They debuted in 2007 with the song Into the new world :

They were already quite successful for 2 years but it wasn't until 2009 that they hit superstar status. The song Gee is a pretty standard Kpop song about first love. There's so many Kpop songs about love even the lyrics are very similar that I actually thought in the beginning that there were no other songs, that turned out not to be true. But it is still a big chunk :). In the beginning they were a very standard Kpop Group but they managed to do the standard thing better than anybody else. Gee is still the song most connected with the group because it was their first huge hit. They also had a few other songs in a similar tone like Genie or Oh! Even though I talked about the song gee a lot I'll put in Genie because I ike it better :P

They didn't just stick with one style though they are quite versatile. In 2010 Run Devil Run was the first different song they made and The Boys in 2011 was also not cute.

Here are 2 more songs that I like skip to 1:30 or 1:40 here it has a super long intro but it's a cool video.

This is definitely one of their best songs in my opinion

They started with 9 members and stayed that way until 2015 when Jessica (the girl in the thumbnail of the last video) left because she started a fashion label and didn't have the time for all the commitments. There was a lot of drama from some fans who said she was pushed out but that was just speculation and not accurate. Now they're 8 but have still released new songs that were successful, I have run out of videos however :).
If anybody likes this I can do it for other groups, or you can tell me to stop it already I'll listen, I promise :)
Hello? anyone? ... :(


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  • omg omg omg a kpoper yaaaaaay finally ! there are no anime and kpop people so i am so happy hahaha ahhh tchota~ Annyeong my friend lol >///< sorry anyways... yeah... i like SNSD and my fav is Sunny coz she's just awesome i lobve her aegyo she's really cute her voice and MC skills are so cool and she just makes my day ♥♥♥♥

    • by the way who's your fav group and do you listen to males group too? i personally prefer males groups

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    • You like HunterxHunter? :)

    • ohhh yeah anime is life i wanted to watch it just didn't have the time to i hae so muuuch shit to catch up haha there are kdramas too and stuff so yeah

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  • In the first song. Some parts made me think of this song.

    The band sounds pretty good.:)

  • don't know their songs, but I kinda listened to the last one. Wish they had more powerful songs, instead of playing to that oh we cute.

    • They made some more of those in their last comeback, Yo can check it out on youtube, "Catch me if you can" and "You think" Also "Run Devil Run" the older one I mentioned. If those aren't powerful enough for you then yes you need a different group. Perhaps 2NE1 my favorite :).

  • noooo i only like "Chubbiness"


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