Girl's Day do you like them?

Girl's Day  do you like them ?
First of all I'm in a competitions for comments so pls comment no matter what you think pleeeaaase :3

Girl's Day are pretty much the masters of the cute love song, the whole idea behind the group was to make guys dream about them pretty much ;) . They originally had 5 members but 1 girl left to go study right when they were starting to be successful. Their first hit was called Twinkle Twinkle but I don't have room for that.
The second song was also a cute love song and even featured simulated dates with the girls in the music videos lol, so it was pretty clear who their target audience was.

Since they had found a great style and were successful with it they didn't change too much.
This is a big hit they had Darling

They did eventually change their style anyway to a more mature sexy kind of tone.

And this is also one of their most famous songs Something about a girl suspecting her guy is cheating.

They're not doing anything specialbut they're doing it very well and I like it, also Minah is so cute and beautiful <3 <3
Anyway don't forget to comment pls ! :) Negative comments just as welcome :).

It's that beat that will make you bump ya bump owww


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  • yaaay Girls day are awesome i don't know them well but i have the feeling that i like Sojin the most haha and i should hurry and do my kpop boy group Question too >///< i will never let you win but i am a nice person so i give you a nice comment lol ♥♥♥~ FIghtiiing !


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