Girls, Is this a good opening to a story?

Peter Buxton had just arrived at school, and so far three things had happened which he had never experienced before. He had on a new pair of trousers, grey ones, instead of navy blue, which most boys in Year 8 wore. A girl in his class had noticed, while he was getting out his books. 'New trousers, Mr. Buxton?' she had asked him. She had always called him Peter until now, as she was just thirteen, like him. 'Look, Sarah,' she had said to her friends, Mr. Buxton's trousers. 'Very smart,' said Sarah. His two friends Frederick and George laughed as Peter thanked the girls and said he must go. The three boys had headed for the toilets as usual, where they were now. Frederick and George were at the urinals as normal, but Peter was having poo on the loo. He had never sat on the loo at school before, though he had sometimes needed to. As he sat there talking to his friends, he wondered what else unexpected would happen today.


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  • Haha sounds like a good start!


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