Your 10 favorite self-empoweing songs? Any genre?

Here are mine:

17. Like whaat- Problem
16. Dot Your Eyes- Five Finger Death Punch
15. I don't fuck with you- Big Sean
14. Sulfur- Slipknot
13. I Stand Alone- God Smack
12. Headstrong- Trapt
11. Symphony of destruction- Megadeth
10. Ten Thousand Fists- Disturbed
9. World Series- Machine Gun Kelly
8. Warrior- Disturbed
7. I mean it- G-Eazy
6. Got Your Six- Five Finger Death Punch
5. I won't give in- Asking Alexandria
4. The Vengeful One- Disturbed
3. You Can't Stop Me- Suicide Silence
2. Walk- Pantera
1. Indestructible- Disturbed
You can have more like me lol


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  • "Memories" from Cats
    St Elmos Fire by REO Speedwagon
    I wanna know what love is by Foreinger
    Hero by Mariah Carey
    Live to win - Paul Stanley
    Beautyful Day by U2
    Two Tickets To Paradise by Eddie Money
    Waiting for a girl like you - Foreinger


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