How many of y'all can dab?

Bitch dab! Dab, dab, dab dab dab Lol
(The dance)

  • I can dab
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  • I cannot dab
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  • I will practice now
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  • What is this dab?
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  • I love Hanna Montana!!
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  • Huehue I love this Question and how it's made! *sneezed then accidentally dabbed


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What Guys Said 3

  • Oh, I thought you were talking about the marijuana extract. I haven't tried it and I don't want to. Supposed to be like a blunt per dab/drop.

    • You should try a dab. It blasts your mind!

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    • And cbd high strains are more of a body high. Dispensaries in Vancouver have so much variety

    • @fueledbythc Yeah. It's still illegal here, so I don't really have much options. It's just whatever a dealer has on him. Usually they don't even tell you the strain. Out of like 100 dealers, I've only had 1 that ever told me what strains he was selling. It's just upper, mid, and dirt weed.

  • I take the fattest dabs.

    • And I mean the cannabis extract that gets you real high

    • Thats insane. Lol my brain wouldn't possible take that much thc without going ballistic. I only tried a vaporizor before and I probably want even doing that right but I was high :)

    • Vaporizer doesn't get me high... you're lucky. But I used to binge smoke joints when I was trying to quit smoking. My tolerance got really high and in 2012 my friend introduced me to shatter and dabbing. My mind was blown away and I got a dabbing bong and nail. Now doobies don't hit me anymore and bong tokes of herb I can take the fattest bong chops and weed feels so smooth on the lungs. I'm a thc junkie lol.

  • I'm way too white to dab

    • Not true I've seen the whitest of whites dab lol

    • I meant I'm too white to dab well lol. Anyone can dab but most people just look stupid doing it

What Girls Said 3

  • That sounds like the stupidest shit ever..

  • why is this even a thing, seriously.

  • Not a clue what that is...