If there was a Gears of War movie being made (based off of Xbox video game franchise), which of the following directors do you think would be perfect?

to work on the movie?

Gears of War video game -

  • George Lucas (famous for almost all the Star Wars movies)
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  • Steven Spielberg (Famous for Jurassic Park, Jaws and Raiders of the Lost Ark)
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  • Ridley Scott (Famous for Alien in 1979)
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  • Others
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  • Those are awful I'd say since it's an action flick Michael bay who did a respectable job on 13 hours even though his filmography isn't very great or I'd suggest Drew Goddard An amazing writer and has only directed 1 film but that film was very well respected and finally Neil Blomkamp Director of district 9 and Elysium George Lucas has only direct the first Star Wars move American Graffiti And the scifi Th1388 or whatever those are his good films but his Work on the Star Wars prequels was awful Spielburg wouldn't waste his time on this but Ridley would be a great choice except he's so busy now with the Prometheus Franchise

    • Michael Bay? Hell No. Gears of War isn't strictly just action and special effects. It also has a very compelling storyline.

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    • True but all of his great classic movies out weigh a very few of his mediocre or bad films.

    • Bad boys 1 and 2 the rock pain and gain 13 hours he's had quality movies

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