Can my book still classify as young adult/children?

I'm writing a novel that has torture, blood, two murders with lots of blood, suicide and homoerotic undertones. I originally wrote it to be a children's book but the rest happened on accident. It's not scary, I honestly believe that Harry Potter is scarier than my book. And Harry Potter did have lots of deaths to be fair yet it is still popular among children, and dumbedore did ask snape to kill him

And bellatrix did torture hermoine

I wonder why can't my book still be classified as young adult/children
I'm not a troll. I wish idiots would stop saying that


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  • No parents would never let their children read a book like that I know I wouldn't they shouldn't be introduced to things like murder and suicide at such a young age. Especially when they can't even grasp those concepts yet themselves.

    • It can be young adult

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    • Thanks. I doubt it will get published soon even after I edit it but my intention was to write it for my nephews

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  • young adult?

    • Yes I agree because I feel like it's not too mature to be young adult

    • Oops typo I meant to say it's not too mature to be adult

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  • suicide and homoerotic? in the chidrens' book.
    Abosulely no.. Mothers never let their kids to read such book

    • I don't know if I want to add suicide yet. I have not completed the book

  • You must be a troll

    • I'm not a troll

    • I will admit I missed the young adult option and it could be that but no way in hell could it be a kids book

  • Does it have children in story?

    • Main characters are teenagers

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    • No it's not sexual at all. There are no sex scenes

    • Great. I think it can be added. I'm in support of it. Go for it honey.

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