Comic book fans: Do you get excited over crossovers and stuff?

Like when different stories get mixed together, like when Spiderman goes and fxks with the Xmen or Arrow makes appearances on Le Flash. Shit like that. Even like the old Power Rangers mash ups. Shit like that makes me excited af. And like, cameos and Easter egg in games and anime too. Do y'all get the same way or do you not like your comics and stories unadulterated and such?


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  • Fuck yes it does lol!

    • I just heard in passing that Le Arrow is making an appearance on Supergirl. I decidedly do not like Supergirl but I'm super stoked because I do like Le Flash.
      I wonder why its so epic though.

  • I get excited over everything. Randomly.

    • That's funny, I was literally just now thinking about that, cuz I'm the same way, getting stoked about the dumbest shit. I was gonna go post a question about it too, but decided to check the notifications. 😃

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    • Well no, I lose interest in things and forget about them just as quickly as I can get excited. So its not like you ruined anything.
      Sorry to burst your bubble.

    • Thank you for apologizing. My bubble takes time to recreate.

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