Why won't my HDMI port work but my regular output is.. its been sitting in the garage for a year or so and before that it was in my uncles garage?

Do u think it just needs a electric power algorithm or what cuz I used a air compressor to clear the dust and It was plugged in alnight so what do u think should I try again or is there more to it?
The screen setting that's working is video component 1 and not hdmi... only the hdmi seems to make the screen flicker but I hear a ticking sound from inside the Tv on the left side... that happened when first turned on the tv after its retirement then I plug in the HDMI cable with PS3 or turning it on first then the tv but all it does is make a ticking sound then after its hard work of flickering and ticking it turns off by itself?


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  • What's your hdmi hooked into

    • Try holding the power on button tell it beeps as the ps3 might need to swith outputs

    • I did that it didn't do anything other than let it come up on video component 1!!

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  • ask tomshardware that's a forum dedicated to hardware and software queries.

  • Faulty hdmi cable?


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