What would you do if you were to find me after I was miniturized like Alice in "Alice in Wonderland"?

I was just watching "Alice in Wonderland ", one of my favs, and was just thinking how crazy it would be to shrink or grow like that lol.

It would probably be pretty scary to shrink, especially seeing the world from a "bugs" pov. Getting stepped on, vacuumed up or eaten by a spider would be pretty bad things. What would your biggest fear be?


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  • I would keep you in a transparent jar because I might step on you.

  • Wouldn't it be crazy to be that small? I imagine it'd take forever to get anywhere though

    • Yeah it would be totally crazy however I kind of wish to experience it just once lol

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    • Um probably not so much LOL that spider would probably wrap me up in its web and devour me quickly :( And if I was riding him that would be cool until, like my sister would see the spider and step on it, and me :(

    • Nah! You got this!

  • predator.
    As human, we are habit for being the top of food chain


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