Which show do you think you would thrive in?

  • Big Brother
  • Survivor
  • The Amazing Race
  • Fear Factor
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  • i don't know those shows. But they got me thinking that it would be neat to have a 'reality porn' show. Like, every week pornhub released a new episode of a bunch of people finding various excuses to argue themselves into an orgy.

    anyway, I think I could thrive in that show, except I suck at arguing.


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  • Haven't heard any of these shows except fear factor 😝

    • Big Bro - You would live in a house with other individuals for a few months competing for $500,000 cash while trying not to get kicked out of the house.

    • The Amazing Race is where you and a partner travel around the world competing in challenges against other teams for $1 million.

      Survivor you live on an island with other castaways , you're broken into teams for competitions and exiled off until only 1 remains.

    • I'll do big bro then

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