Do you think online-only video games like The Division and Destiny (for examples) are a waste of money or worth it?

I asked this question since I just recently bought Tom Clancy's The Division for the PS4. Overall, it's an alright game. However, I'm still a little skeptical of it since it's an online only game and knowing how many of today's big corporation video game companies like Ubisoft are, they'll shut the servers for this game down in the future when another one of their games come, thus making this game completely unplayable. The Division supposedly does have a "single player campaign" but you better have great internet connection for it because it can really fuck up your game progress if that happens.
  • Worth it if the game servers are strong an hopefully last very long.
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  • Complete waste of money and another excuse for greedy video game publishers to r@pe the gamers for more money.
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  • ALL games are either worth it or a waste of money depending on you. You might say a popular game is totally worth the money, but if it's going to just sit in my basement then it's not worth it. If you're going to play it a lot in the next few months, then I think the online game is still worth it, even if they shut the servers down in the future. If you don't really have the time to play it now (like if you're in school and hoping to play it in the summer) then maybe it isn't worth it if there is the risk that they will shut it down in the summer.
    Other aspect of online games - obviously you need to be able to get online. If you're living at home where there is a steady wifi connection, then it sounds like you can play a lot. But if you're in a dorm where the wifi is often down or doesn't have the strongest connection, then maybe it's not worth it. If you travel a lot for work and can't guarantee that you'll be able to get online, then maybe not worth it.


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