For those GAGers that are Final Fantasy video game fans, how do you feel about the upcoming Final Fantasy XV game that?

isn't the Japanese-style RPG game that the vast majority of FF games were, and have a Kingdom Heart-like combat system gameplay instead?

As a guy who's been playing Final Fantasy since the NES and SNES days, I think a bit of a nice change, as long as it's still an RPG game and it still has the same FF charm and story.

  • I think this game would be great judging by how it looks, even with the change of the combat system.
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  • I think it'll be okay, but not all that great.
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  • I don't like the changes in the gameplay. Thererfore, I won't care for this game.
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  • I'm not a Final Fantasy fan at all.
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  • Others
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  • As a fan of Final Fantasy, I must say, I can hardly wait for the FF XV.


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