What do you think of this?

What do you think of this ?
And the band Exodus' guitarist answer to Kendall : What do you think of this?

For the idiots present, Slayer is one the BIG 4 OF THRAH (Thrash metal). The big 4 being Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax. So she wears a shirt from one of the biggest, most famous and very aggressive bands of all time... and tweets that she doesn't understand how people can listen to it


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  • What I don't understand how people can follow the kardiashans xD

    • because they all want to see the sluts naked (which they are 99% of the time) and while we are at it i don't have twitter, this was in a news outlet for metal fans (like me)

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    • you are the sanest one here @Ivylly check out the other girls' answer... you are the most logical choice

    • i totally agree

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  • Kill the kardashians.

  • well she isn't wrong hahaha

    • i've been listening to it since basically birth... is there something wrong with me? am i weirder than the Kardashian bitch?

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    • that's what i'm saying, metal fans don't make sense to me. I don't know why they exist.

      i know boys in general don't like fashion but when you go to the store and you see a nice shirt that you think is cute you don't take a pic of it and reverse google search it's symbol. she's just wearing it because it looks nice, you should be glad people are buying it because that means the money is going back to your favorite artists. i don't own band tees because i think they are tacky but if i wore one and everyone expected me to care about random bands, i'd be annoyed since it's pretentious. it's just an item of clothing, get off your high horse. anyways, nirvana is rock and they're one of the better bands.

    • For example, i am not a big fan of Deadmau5... yet i am not going to wear a shirt with his logo on it... wanna know why? Because i know what he does and i know that if i wear his shit people who know the logo will think "a fellow fan"... You can't wear stuff with a history and with an affiliation and NOT expect people to react to it... you are naïve and stupid if you do

  • Honestly so what if she said that and so what if there are people who like the Kardashians, We need to accept that not we are not all the same and it shouldn't matter what we listen to or who we follow or what we wear or like or dislike, as long as we don't trash talk anyone, we should be able to state our view on something.

    • i would entirely agree with you (and i do) but why say that IF YOU ARE WEARING A METAL BAND SHIRT?

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    • Okay but you know they're the Kardashians, they'll probably do whatever is asked of them for more cash. Maybe she even did this on purpose for more publicity?

    • true, considering they are Kardashians... but that doesn't excuse her attitude... like at all : on the contrary it is quite the opposite if you ask me

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