GAG, Favorite Song / Rap?

I have a very few selection of songs that I listen to and I'm starting to get tired of them and therefore trying to expand my list.

If you don't mind, leave a comment below what your favorite song may be. Thanks in advance!
This was a lot more songs than I was expecting. Much much appreciated.
Thanks again.
Your feedback was wonderful. Thank you so much. :)


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  • My friend the other day told me that I have a broad music taste, so I hope I helped, I'll choose one from every genre/subgenre
    Capital Cities - Kangaroo Court
    Sickick - Hittem
    Timbaland - Apologize
    The Offspring - You're Gonna Go Far, Kid
    Pendulum - The Island Part 1
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Snow
    Sail - Awolnation
    Flobots - Handlebars
    Ziu - Guardian
    Ziu & Nyanara - Unforgettable
    Two Steps From Hell - Victory

    Let me know what you think!

    • I might consider adding Victory and Guardian into a movie I'm making.
      You're gonna go far kid, awesome song. Thanks.

    • I'm glad you like em :3

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  • The closest thing I listen to that resembles rap in at least one way would be Rage Against the Machine. I guess they would qualify as Rap-Rock. If you ever feel like rebelling against the man or feeling extra angsty, I would give them a listen. I included lyric videos so you can see how much rebellious they are xD

    My favorite Rage Against the Machine songs:
    Bulls On Parade:


    Killing in the Name:

    My actual favorite song at the moment out of all genres though is All New Materials by Periphery. Definitely not rap, but I like it lol

    • Ohhhh I used to listen to them as a teen back one 90s!!! Love it! Killing in the Name of and Bullet in the Head were my favs.

    • *in the *

    • @Kris85 I almost put Bullet in the Head on here but I didn't wanna put too many videos 😅. Still a great song though. I think my personal favorite is bombtrack.

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  • My favorite song that happens to have rap in it?
    I don't know if this counts as having rap in it but I like
    Ellie Goulding- Hanging on

    Oh and Lady Sovereign "Love me or hate me"

  • I've been jamming this the past couple of days... 'dem riffs tho maneeee... It's like literal candy to your ears in some spots!

    • @dangerDoge I see you like metal lol... Thoughts?

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    • Oooh I like their sound. I really am digging their tone too in their instruments.

    • @dangerDoge Definitely, yeah they're a little more raw... also their newest album with their new singer is heavy but also a lot more ambient. They do their own thing for sure...

    I've recently listened to Krewella again and found out they did an acoustics <3

    Krewella - Alive

  • Tupac - 2 of amerikaz most wanted \ all eyez on me
    Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools
    Ice Cube - gangsta rap
    future - low life ft. the weeknd
    zayn - befour
    afroman - colt 45
    alan walker - faded
    arctic monkeys - r u mine
    asap rocky - goldie
    post malone - too young
    bob marley - buffalo soldier
    coldplay - hymn for the weekend
    devo9 - you made me
    drake - energy
    skate - juiceman
    nirvana - drain you
    rihanna - needed me
    rubee rayne - dsylm
    twenty one pilots - fairly local
    xylo - afterlife

    • Look up zayn - wrong
      and kendrick lamar - black Friday

    • @Montanaa I know wrong and I love it and I just heard black Friday it's awesome :3 thank you!

    • no problem i saw you mention them so i thought id tell you my favorite songs by them


    Always one of my favorites.

  • Yung Wun Anthem by Yung Wung

  • Forever young jay z
    All of the above Maino
    the show goes on lupe fiasco
    Right above it little Wayne

    I've been playing the shit out of those songs lately

  • How i act - ice cube

    i see a lot of people posting 2pac songs etc
    but it depends on what type of rap you're into really

  • I have a huge list! Private message me if u want some

  • lose yourself

  • Troublesome '96 - pac

    • my type of chick. love ambitionz az a ridah too. the most gangsta song. i mustve punched a few faces after listneing to this song in HS

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    • i m not gonna fight a woman. lol

      thumb wrestle maybe?

    • @truthhammer haaaa! Pleassse! I have more than 90% muscle in my body. I can knock you down in so many ways.

  • paperboy - ditty


    Not exactly a rap song... but it features Rap Vocals...

  • 80 bars -sam lachow


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