Dungeons and Dragons (pathfinder) background story?

I recently started playing d&d with a group of friends and have made a nice character, but I have some trouble thinking of a good background story. I play a female half-elf druid with a chaotic nature and a pet tiger named entei (which is a bit of a joke because I use a pokemon entei doll as avatar for him). The tiger is a tank and the druid is going to do a relatively large amount of healing for a druid. My druid is called Panorama, after Astrix' druid Panoramix.

I already decided I am a vegetarian, I live by no set rules and grew up in some forest. I love nature but was too restless to sit still and decided to go out adventuring instead. I also enjoy fighting.

Anyone have any ideas for a cool background story? Mine is not detailed enough yet.


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  • Why on earth would you be a vegetarian, its not a restriciton placed on druids, its unnecessary and not something good. You could be like an American Indian and give thanks to mother nature for giving you this bounty.
    Also Full Elves are better stat wise

    • Because I wanted to, that's why. It's not a terrible restriction.

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    • The DM is nice and we can share food, I can shoot it for others and when it does get a problem I can just stop being a vegetarian just like in real life.

  • I just started myself but I'm having some issue learning everything. My game master is a huge dick.


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