Do any of you GAGers know what the best and most affordable gaming desktop PC I can buy later for 2016?

Trying to look for a good gaming PC desktop that can run games from Steam great.

If any of you know one good gaming PC, should I buy it from Amazon (online) or from Best Buy (in store)?


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  • Don't buy a gaming PC from a major retailer. Look up some guides and build it yourself, you'll learn a lot and save a ton of money.

    What games specifically are you hoping to run?

    • Pretty much games on Steam like Rainbow Six Siege or the new game Quantum Break or any game from 2008-Present Day.

    • Have a look here:

      Their budget might be higher than yours, but you could get a GTX970 and save a few hundred.

    • Thanks for MHO. I have had some luck in the past with a store-bought computer and adding a few of my own components to it, but that's not the most efficient or cost effective way of doing it.

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  • Get one custom made, I have a family friend who makes them

    • Like, what type of graphics card do I need for my HP 2000 Notebook PC laptop and what other parts do I need for it to run any PC games smoothly, without lagging and cutting off so god-awful bad? My laptop isn't really PC gaming-friendly.

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    • I'd rather just pay no more than $500 on a used gaming PC desktop from Amazon, unless I you know a reliable old cheap computer that can run new games with compatible graphic cards than can run them.

    • No, you really need to get one built if you want anything decent

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