If you were a musician, in which part of the world, do you believe you would be more successful, judging by the genre you would play?

Or where'd ya rather be successful mostly?

International GAGers... would ya feel happy wid success in yer homeland? Or'd ya rather to make it in America?

American GAGers... would ya feel disappointed if ya were successful in other parts of da world, but not in America?
  • USA
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  • Canada
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  • UK
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  • Continental Europe
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  • Australia
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  • Japan
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  • Rest Of The World
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Most Helpful Guys

  • To be honest the US and Western Europe are the only places you will find a diversity of music. The rest of the world claims to listen to "American music" and I was pissed off to find out just how many people listen to our music (I wish other countries would create their own music so that America isn't imperializing the music industry), but the American music they listen to sucks so bad. I've been to Africa, Latin America, Korea, Vietnam, and dozens of other places, and they all listen to the same old crap. Pop, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and the rest of that garbage. Whats worse is I show up in Vietnam and the guy that greets me was playing this crappy music in the car. I was like "Dude what is this garbage, turn it off" and he was like (in a thick Vietnamese accent) "Dis is American music, you American, you like yes?". I can't tell you how many times I've had to explain that not many Americans like that garbage, its only a small portion of the population. I personally have a taste in real music that takes talent to compose (Rock, Jazz, Blues, Classical, Metal, even a bit of country). So I would really only meet success in the US, maybe the UK and parts of Europe, but everywhere else in the world they have the idea that American music is only pop so they wouldn't listen to me (an American guy not playing pop music)

    • Wot about Canada and Australia dude? I know many bands from there and they share many similarities wid American or British music... like Honeymoon Suite who are Canadians share many similarities wid Bon Jovi... or INXS who are Australian share many similarities wid Simple Minds who are British...

  • I'm all influenced by brit bands, so UK I guess.


Most Helpful Girls

  • love how all my favorite places are lumped in the "rest of the world" so i can easily pick that one :)

  • anywhere Christians were


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