Are any of you GAGers a fan of the Doom video game series and are you excited for the upcoming new Doom game next month?

Doom 1(SNES, PC, Sega Genesis, various other consoles) -

Doom 3(Original Xbox, 2005) -

Doom (upcoming reboot, 2016) -

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  • I'm going to say no, I'm not excited (not yet anyway) . . . (shocker I know) but the reason for this is simple. I feel like Doom games are like wine, they just get better with age

    ^ "modern" Doom

    Vanilla Doom/Doom2 good games but now with all the. wads they're so much better then they were

    Doom 3 yeah it was nice. . . I could see why it'd be scary and then along comes Doom 3 BFG for me, BFG was the better experience.

    Now comes Doom 4, while the game may be good on release I feel that it would need time to grow first. Snap map and the multiplayer focus are very good for the game. Think about Doom3 multiplayer. . .

    Anyway what I'm looking forward to is: Classic maps from Quake, or even maps from quake live being created. Classic campaign maps, new game modes etc. But these things will take time

    I feel like if things go right, I feel that Doom 4 will be the game that gets me to move away from the original Doom. I think a lot of guys did play Doom 3 but there wasn't a reason to stick around so some moved on or went back to the older games

    I'll just stop here before I start rambling like an old man and start blaming CoD

    @Anno_Domini & @dangerDoge

    Thanks for the mention guys

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    • @JudgmentDay That's half of it, I like the WW2 theme but I also like historical accuracy and authenticity. So I can play and learn at the same time, I like my history. It's why I liked the BIA series so much (HH didn't really do it for me) and furious 4 . . .

      *sees the trailer*

      holy Jesus what is that? What the fuck is that? What is that Gearbox ?

      Why would they even waste time with a spin-off?

      I see what you mean, there was this one time I kept countering this alien player spamming lights and I eventually 'knocked them out' they quit after that. I was playing as a marine by the way

      I felt like the predator was a bit unbalanced and the marine needed a bit of work

      Does the alien have a chest burster babality?

    • No Babilities in Mortal Kombat XL. Only Brutalities, Stage Brutalities, and Fatalities. But I think both Alien and Predator have auto Fatalities when they beat an opponent. Predator rips ou the spinal column with skull of his defeated foe and Alien cocooned it's defeated foe which Chest Bursts. There was a Brutality for the Konjurer Variation of the Alien that uses it's Facehugger attack to create a Chest Burster of the beaten opponent.

      I find that Rebellion tends to have a huger bias of favoring Predators much more than the other species which renders their AvP games' competitive multiplayer less balanced than I would have expected. If you ever played AvP Gold or AvP Classic 2000 you'll know because Predator's Disc can be Homing AND Instant Death when using the appropriate Vision Mode. And there's no big penalty whatsoever. Only de-cloaking when throwing the Disc. So I was not surprised what they did for their 2010 game.

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  • I'm not personally, but that's more so probably because I haven't played them much.

    However... I think @DooMguy is!

  • Voted B, but I don't really feel the hype like I used to for any reboot or sequel or remake of any classic game. Rather not be hyped and then later felt down if my expectations are greatly unmet.

    Besides, for the PC versions of the Classic games, there had been More Than Enough community made content and because that is so vast that I can always play what new levels, mods, etc. that the fans and the community had made and contributed to them. It's so much content there alone that I don't really even feel I ever need to rush and jump into the next or current generation of Doom.

    The same goes for Doom 3, there had been many fan-made content for that as well.

    But I'm really not too sure how this new Doom reboot will be in terms of whether it would still remain mod-friendly and have custom map editor builder so there would also be a good amount of fan-made and community-made maps?

    Or if it will also join and follow many other games that is currently on the market using the current business model of DLCs or in-game purchases and various other "microtransactions" that I just have a huge dislike for.

  • I got to play the open beta for a little while over the weekend. It looks pretty sweet. I probably won't get the game, though.

  • I didn't know there was another game coming out, but I'm excited now.



  • Nope and couldn't care less


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