What is this song about?

So I listened to this song today but English is not my first language and its very metaphoric.

the song is called "crystallized " by the xx

here's a link: https://www.metrolyrics.com/crystalized-lyrics-the-xx.html

thank you :)


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  • It seems to be about a new relationship or a soon-to-be relationship. The person singing it feels pressured by the other, but they know it is with good intentions. They also thing the other is move very quickly, getting closer to them.

    The other seems to think they are pushing him/her away, while they are actually the one who they (the singer) kept closest.

    In summary, the person singing the song is having trouble keeping up with how fast the other is going. They want very much to go with the flow, but they find it difficult. Especially the line "I wish the tide would take me over (And I've done things in small doses)" shows that they want to just go for it, but they have only done things bit by bit (in small doses).

    • While the other feels kinda rejected because the person wants to take his time?

      Thank you so much!!!

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    • When the singer is moving slow, it may give the other the idea that the singer doesn't want them and is pushing them away. That's is what I make of it anyway :p

    • Thanks you totally deserve the mho ;)

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  • its about between a relationship of someone.


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