Your Theme Song?

Imagine you're carrying a big boombox from the '80s on your shoulders. You know what I'm talking about. That big gray machine kids these days would not know what it is. Got it? Here's a visual for the younger generation.

Your Theme Song?
Using only songs from the late 80s to about the mid 90s, which song would currently be your theme song today?

This is one of mine.


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  • Spoonman -- Soundgarden. (Released 1994)

    It's actually about a street performer who played with spoons as his instrument, so I guess I can relate to it in the sense of playing drums/being a percussionist lol. It has quite possibly one of the sickest beats I know of. The groove in it is so fantastic-- I'd be able to walk around with a boombox playing this and feel no shame haha


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