Opinions on an art hobby of mine?

I love the classic Gameboy Color games so much! I like to collect official pixels from the games, which where made of various square "tiles" of pixels. Here's a screenshot of one...
Opinions on an art hobby of mine?See how similer things like parts of the grass look exactly the same? Those are squares of pixels. (I think 16x16)
Anyway, I like to wonder what parts of other games would look like in these games. For example, the first Zelda game for the NES...
Opinions on an art hobby of mine?I like to use my collection of Gameboy Color Zelda squares, and remaking places with them. For example, I used the screenshot above to create this...
Opinions on an art hobby of mine?What do you think? Look accurate?
My hobby isn't exactly professional art, being cut and paste, but I think it's fun to recreate places into the style of my fav 2D games. It's more difficult, but because of that more fun, for recreating 3D games.


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    • Thanks. lol 😄
      The first pic is a screenshot from "Link's Awakening", Which actually had a b&w version before. The colored one is "Link's Awakening DX". (The "DX" is short for "Deluxe")
      Second is a shot from the first Zelda game ever made, which was on Nintendo's first system, the NES. (Nintendo Entertainment System)
      The third is my remake of that NES Zelda screenshot, using the pixel style of Link's Awakening DX.
      Make sense? What do you think?

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    • You should easily find them for super low prices online. Look up these 3...

      Link's Awakening DX
      Oracle of Seasons
      Oracle of Ages

      Link's Awakening was amazing, and the Oracle games,(which actually connect in their plots), where almost as advanced as a GBA game! I still play all of them now and then. 😊

    • Wow thanks Mr!

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  • Interesting and pretty cool man.

    • Thanks. I love art and games more than anything in the world, so I'm thinking of trying for Nintendo concept art when I finally get the chance.

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    • Depends on the game but usually yeah.

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  • wow, that is pretty unique, and I'm quite intrigued by anything unique.

    • Thanks. I think my fun in remaking games comes from my great desire to create my own. I've dreamed to work for Nintendo a great deal of my life! I have had also had a second dream for awhile now to make my own game design company one day after some fun and experience in Nintendo.
      What do you think? 😋

    • nice :)
      wow i wish u all the best with that =]

    • Thanks. I've got a million ideas noted on my phone about possibilities. I'm mostly working on a Zelda game, but being a huge fan makes me a huge perfectionist... lol

  • It is definitely art and it is pretty interesting and different. As a hobby it is a cool way to make art. However you probably won't ever get paid to do it.

    • I don't expect to get paid. I just do it for fun. 😊
      I believe I have collected everything from Link's Awakening, but am still having a good bit of trouble with both Oracle games... 😕 Oracle of Seasons would be especially helpful. 😊

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