If you were to make a game what would it be?

If I was to make a game I would like to make a game about starwars were it like Swtor but there no story and no plot a full on RPG game where you just chose your race and your customize your character and live in the star wars universe like you can make stuff happen if you want like join the jedi or sith or become a Bounty hunter or Smuggler or get recruited into the army for what ever fact you want or just play as a normal citizen.

You can go whatever game you want you can even make other game better.


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  • The game you described is Star Wars Galaxies, dude.

    It closed down officially in 2011, but you can still play it via player-run servers if you want to give it a try:

    You might also consider Star Trek Online, which is actively supported and allows you to do everything you describe above (albeit in the ST universe)

    For me, it looks like it's already being made in the form of Star Citizen. Elite: Dangerous is a good attempt but too many bad design decisions have spoiled it.

    • Yes but instead of just the Original Trilogy it old non canon days so we can do what ever we want and last I checked Galaxies still had classes

    • It is the closest you are ever going to get to what you want, don't ignore it on a technicality.

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  • After this one dream I had, I would probably make one some what like how Fire Emblem is. Though I would base it around this creature I dreamed up one night.

    • That sound kind of cool what the creature look like

    • Steal my idea and I shall come after you. :P It was like a water dragon looking creature. That shot out cannon ball looking metallic stuff from it's mouth and it also breath icy fire. The whole dream was in a Fire Emblem like graphics/ scene.

    • Funny thing is i can't I don't know anything about Fire Emblem lol

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