For those who've ever watched the 1987 movie, Fatal Attraction, how do you feel about this movie?

  • Aside from some controversies it caused at the time, I think this is one of the best movies of the 1980s.
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  • I think this movie is great and gave an accurate portrayal of mentally ill people with borderline personality disorder.
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  • I think this movie is great but offensive to women since this gives them a negative portrayal in a sense.
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  • I never really liked this movie and it offended me with it's certain portrayls.
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  • I never really liked this movie but I'm not offended of it at all.
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  • Others.
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  • It was a good movie but not a classic in my book - I see from some of your comments the points you are raising but I think most movies have ruffled somebodys feathers - Did I think about mental illness any different after seeing the movie, short answer no.


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  • Any who say's they hate it... I'll boil their bunny! Because this movie will NOT BE IGNOREDDD! Hahahaa see what I did there?
    If this movie is offensive, than what does that make all other movies created and filmed ever?

    • I've read multiple articles about how this movie offended many people, particularly those with BPD and women, due to it's negative portrayal of a woman with borderline personality disorder.

    • A lot of movies offend a lot of butt hurt people. This one movie in particular only offended the real crazy mf's😂 everyone else don't see a problem. People just need to take the tumb out of their ass and relax☺

  • Not hollywood movies portray mental illnesses 100% never watched the moviie but head of it I might watch it now.

  • It's a great thriller but it never would've happened if he remained faithful

  • Good movie.


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