Viacom or Dish Network. Who's more in the right in their carriage dispute?

If you are a Dish Network customer, you've probably seen "commercials" and crawls at the bottom of Viacom channels saying that Dish Network is going to be dropping 18 of Viacom's channels. What they don't say is that Viacom is demanding more money from Dish Network in carriage fees for their channels, which overall, are dropping in both viewership and ad revenue. Viacom's stock declined approximately 8% on news of the possible channel outage, while Dish Network's rose between 1%-2%. So in order to make up that income, they are trying to get more money from providers. They claim Dish is the one dropping the channels when in actuality, under federal law, absent a carriage agreement, Dish Network (or any other satellite or cable company) cannot legally air Viacom's programming. They had agreed to contract extensions for a few months while the parties negotiated, but now Viacom is refusing to further extend any negotiation deadlines beyond Wednesday night and has instead opted to turn customers on Dish Network with half truths. So, what's your thoughts on who (if either) is more in the right? Keep in mind, this is not an issue which has only been limited to Dish Network. Two small cable companies have already told Viacom to get bent and they no longer carry their networks due to the high carriage fees. ALL cable and satellite companies eventually get into carriage disputes with content providers, and many of them play out exactly like this.
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Viacom blinked, Dish pretty much won.


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  • I wish you would have used paragraph breaks. T-T

    Anyway, I think Viacom is being a jerk as usual. They're always trying to gouge cable companies.


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