Why would a band be jealous of a really good singer?

i went for an audition for a band- im a really good singer- I mean along the likes of whitney houston or mariah carey- unique voice, and i have great range, and lots of talent. I have little experience but sound better than a pro. I had talked to the bassist n was sick, so when i went in it was more for practice. When I sang acapella, the bassist rolled his eyes- in jealousy. Some people seem to be jealous of my talent and its stupid. Then, another guy came to audition and there were male/female parts. All he did was sing over my parts--and he sounded--HORRIBLE. I mean bad pitch, tone, bad voice.. he sounded like an idiot. He was also trying to put me down to make me look bad and tell me how to sing. The band just went with him cuz he was bullying me and let him do it, even helped him. they were all males and im female. they previously had a female singer, and i was better than her

no one was nice to me- only the bassist said it was hard to sing what i did--all they wanted to do was bring me down- make me feel like i wasn't good enough- while they complimented the fat guy who sang so bad it almost made me puke.. i was thinking wtf? even the fat guy blurted out WOW HER VOICE SOUNDS GOOD. I mean don't they they want a great singer? someone with charisma, talent? the band then kept trying to show the fat guy with no talent they liked him--non verbally, while ignoring me.. as if meh we dont like u... so confusing.. what kind of idiots think this way?
the bassist later said "he's pretty good", and didn't even compliment me but put me down and was rude to me. it was so frustrating but I used to work with a guitarist who too got jealous of my singing and began acting like an idiot.. jealous of me etc.. if i was in a band and found someone good i'd be thrilled what is wrong with these people


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  • Immediately when you compared yourself to whitney houston or mariah carey... I got annoyed. Have you accomplished even an iota of what they have? If not, you don't get the right to claim that without eye rolls. Prove it. Have you ever hear the common ass phrase, actions speak louder than words. Come on now miss queen of singing, you should know there is a difference between self confidence and claiming you are the shit without having proven a damn thing yet. Respect is earned... And I hope you become a famous singer, because you will have gotten there most likely though talent and hard work... not complaining to an internet board about how great and unappreciated you are.

    • whoa... thats stupid.. i was talking about my talent and singing abillity...
      that's absurd... im also not trying to prove anything to anyone here to get advice
      you're an idiot... not sure why rude dumb people like u have to show ur anger to random people for no reason... get lost

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  • They're probably just jealous. You may have more opportunities than they have because you have a really nice voice. Don't take it personally, that's how the world is.

    • Thank you so very much for making me most helpful! I really appreciate it!

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  • Yeah my first guitarist became jealous while I played Mr. big all song.
    But I am jealous to Liszt on piano. I image all his work are mine.

    • I dont know why to but I read aesthetics. Some of them explain like it is first
      then people want to occupy it emotionally. I think some of them do exist.

  • Let's hear ya sing. I was a pro musician for the bulk of my life, so I'm a pretty reliable judge.

  • No idea

  • people can get jealous when they see someone who they consider to be better than they are at what they do.

    • i guess so--but why would guitarists be jealous of a singer? I mean in a band.. everyone has different roles--shouldn't they want a good singer? someone told me it does happen

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    • regardless of what is expected, you can still also expect people to get jealous. it all depends on how they deal with her, as for him, apparently he deals with it by throwing a few snarky remarks here and there.

    • that's true--i guess so... im used to jealousy- people feel that way about me a lot--certain people do and its annoying... but a band being jealous--it just seems so pointless- but i guess
      it does happen, thanks

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