What other bands or songs would you suggest?

So I'm trying to expand my music base, I currently listen to more modern stuff, and I have no shame in that. But a lot of my friends and SO are into a lot of what's below. And while I enjoy my music I suppose I want to attempt to get into theirs a bit.
They like:
Guns and Roses
Led Zeppelin
Def Leppard
Iron Maiden
Black Sabbath

So any of the more popular songs by these artists (if I just go youtube them, I won't know what is perhaps a bad song of theirs and may automatically think they suck). And any artists/bands (+ a song or two) that you can think relate to those artists to check out.
I do already love both Queen and ACDC myself.


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  • Guns N Roses : Sweet Child O Mine, November Rain, Paradise City, Knocking on Heaven's Door (anything by them really)
    Metallica : Nothing Else Matters
    Led Zeppelin : litterally everything
    Ramones : Listen to Sheena is a Punk Rocker, Blitzkrieg Blop, Rock N Roll High School
    Iron Maiden : Fear of the Dark, The Trooper
    Queen : ALL OF THEM ! (You can start with I Want to Break Free and Bohemian Rhapsody though)

    And some other bands you can check out : Bad Religion (21st Century) and The Clash (Should I Stay or Should I Go) if you liked Ramones
    Lynyrd Skynyrd (Free Bird, Sweet Home Alabama)
    Rage Against the Machine (Killing in the Name, Freedom)
    Aerosmith : Dream On is pretty good

    • Aha I suppose I added Queen and ACDC for the genre, I love them myself already!
      But thanks for the great answer, definitely have a starting place now!

    • You're welcome! Glad to help

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  • Jeez I could do a book on good sonds by those bands alone. Some good ones to start with would be
    Queen- One Vision, Radio Gaga, Killer Queen, Who Wants to Live Forever
    Metallica- Fade to Black, One, For Whom the Bell Tolls
    Black Sabbath- War pigs, Supernaut, Black sabbath
    Iron Maiden- Run to the Hills, Wasted Years, Hallowed be thy Name
    Soundgarden/Audioslave are awesome- Outshined, Show me how to live, Sound of a Gun, Black Hole Sun
    Pearl Jam- Jeremy, Daughter, Even Flow.
    Judas priest has done some amazing stuff
    The Eagles are great
    ZZ Top is cool

    I could go on, these are just some I'm into right now

    • Why thank you for the good list.
      Black Sabbath did a song named after themselves? ha

    • Yeah. Their first album was actually Black Sabbath as well.

    • Of course they did ha.
      Well thank you again for the help!
      Perhaps you should write a book. "The ___ genre for dummies".

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  • Amon Amarth
    Flogging Molly
    The Agonist
    Fiddler's Green

    Iron Maiden- Run to the Hills
    Queen- The Show Must Go On

  • Rush! Prog-rock brilliance... I can't get over how rad the synth sounds in this performance... BIG sound!


    • Jeez that's a big.. 'instrument'. I don't even want to type the word 'drum.. Interesting song though.

    • Ohh yeahhh! :P

      Neil Peart is a drum LEGEND! A definite inspiration! And just Rush in general... there aren't many bands that write songs like they do. So melodic and technical, always changing to keep the listener guessing... then a new part hits you out of nowhere and you're like, "WOAH..." 😳

    • That's awesome. I like when artists are able to keep things interesting and especially to keep listeners intrigued.
      I am still slightly hung up on the size of that drum though.

  • With Metallica, start with what's popularly known as the "Black Album" aka their self titled album "Metallica" that marked their change to a more mainstream audience.

    However, their classic that you MUST listen to are "Master of Puppets". "Fade to Black" "One", "Orion", and "Call of Cutulu"... ok more like those are amongst my top favorites :P

    Honestly the best way is to just go on spotify and shuffle their entire track list.

    • I just didn't want to spotify or pandora these genre's because the chances of getting the unpopular or less than good songs is a lot easier and I may just decide "ok no this sucks". But if there are better songs out there that I don't know about because I never asked then I'd miss out.
      But I did try Metallica after some suggestions and I wasn't a fan. I can appreciate almost anything and listen to it but I don't know, "One" "Fade to black" were just meh to me ha.

    • oooooooffffffff...

      You did not just say those two were meh :P

      lol jk people like and enjoy different things.

    • This is true ha, my friend said they're a "love em or hate em" band. I have liked others suggested :P

  • Deep Purple, The Who, Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, Supertramp, Styx, Lynyrrd Skynyrrd, Heart, Santana, Hendrix

    • Any particular popular songs to start with?

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    • Probably help if I watched TV for that ha.
      I have heard a lot, and my dad liked some of these when I was growing up so I have heard a lot of songs before that I just completely forgot.

    • I forgot Pink Floyd and Peter Frampton his Frampton Comes Alive album

  • 1|0
  • Meh.. I like modern music too. If I were to suggest something it would be too pop for that list.

    • Which means I probably like it already ha. What pop would you suggest? Maybe something new for me to add to my own likes.

    • I loooove One Direction, Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, 5 Seconds of Summer, Shawn Mendes, The Vamps, Taylor Swift...
      If you haven't listened to one if the above, I'd gladly recommend songs. (And if you dislike One Direction, I can change your mind)😊

  • Just go on youtube and listen to a few songs and see which ones click with you. Or ask those people to reccomend some songs to you. Because everybody's taste is different. But overall these are great bands, I think you will like the songs

  • Judas Priest
    Dire Straits
    Bad Religion
    Dream Theater
    The Sword
    System of a Down

    Yeah I don't know

  • Something that I have done is add a bunch of random stations to my Pandora, and then put it on shuffle.

  • Starset
    Tokio hotel
    Linkin Park
    Alice Cooper
    Pink Floyd

  • I love The xx , a great fan of the trip hop genre.
    Flume has some good stuff too.
    Maybe try some Lorde.

  • Sounds good!


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