What are your thoughts on my drawing? Is it good/bad, needs improvement?

Please no religious bias. I'm asking artistically not religiouslyWhat are your thoughts on my drawing? Is it good/bad, needs improvement?

Yes I know that the sign it not right. I did that so it would be easier to read. Also GAG made me scale down the image so it is a bit damaged from that. King of the Jews is illegible from the scaling.


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  • Graphite is an extremely difficult medium to work with.
    You did well with the cross. Though by your shadow, that side would be somewhat darker. Additionally the object the cross is embedded in is unclear. Clarity not being a prerequisite for art, I think the drawing is good.

    Art needs not be good, nor accurate. Art needs to make you feel.
    Does this make you feel? Does this make you feel what the quote makes you feel?

    • Thanks for the input. Yea the shadow should be darker. The object that the cross is sitting on is a grassy hill. I was going for a porcelain cross like the one at my Grandma's house.

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  • I think that you could bring a bit more creativity to it. Play a bit with focus and details. I do enjoy the detail in the cross, but I feel like you could do more. I think with a little more revision, this could be a nice piece.

    • Yes I could do more and I would have done more, but it was a timed drawing so I got what I got done in the time and then I had to stop. I'll do another rendition of it in the summer when I'm out of school and I have a few hours to really work on it.

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  • I mean, it's not much of a drawing. It's really just a doodle with zero composition. Credit for the perspective on the cross though.

    • True but for just a 45 minute timed drawing it is pretty good. Wow it does look like crap scaled down. Next time before I post an image, I'm going to take a lower resolution scan of it.

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