Is it wrong for me to think the vast majority of female MMA fighters (from the UFC) to be a bunch classless hoodrat thugs with?


That's how I feel after hearing constant trash talking from Ronda Rousey and Julianna Pena's arrest (not too long ago) for assaulting 2 people. However, because we live in a country infested with female special privilege, the UFC didn't even give her a suspension for her arrest. However, switch the genders around and he will get suspended no questions asked.

Female pro boxers on the other hand like Holly Holms (although she's now a UFC fighter but I will always see her as a boxer first) aren't perfect people but at lease they have much more class than these MMA bitches (with Gina Carano and Miesha Tate being the only decent MMA figthers as normal women).

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  • Nooo

  • doesn't sound wrong


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