How come so many people on here love Graffiti Art but hate graffiti style tattoos?

When you ask peoples opinions on graffiti art many people say they love it especially the really vibrant ones however when it comes to tattoos people seem to hate the graffiti/ new school style and most people prefer black and grey. What gives?
Oh and I don't mean lettering just the style
Anyone else?


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  • I like greyscale because I don't care for tattoos with coloring. Partially because I've seen enough people with colored tattoos that have faded so quickly. I think greyscale gives more of a classy look... as classy as tattoos can be, haha. As for graffiti styled tattoos, I'm not a fan of them, but I think they look okay on some people, they're just not for me. I prefer more simple designs versus stuff that's busy and bright and all over the place. Plus if text is involved, I'd like to be able to read it. Same goes for graffiti and street art, I suppose. It's cool in some places, but if it's too busy and I can't read it or can't understand what's going on, I'm gonna have a hard time appreciating it. That's just me.


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