Game of Thrones Season 6?

Has anyone else watched the first episode of S6? That ending has scarred me. I thought it was a vision of Daenerys at first, but you know what actually happened...

How did you guys feel about it?


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  • There have been so many violent, gory, awful things that have happened on that show and THAT is what "scarred" you? Really?

    • I'm obviously not SCARRED for life, it was a joke. I didn't need to see that scene, but if the writers felt that was needed, then w/e. What SleepingSnorlax said explains it all. I know she was mentioned to be centuries old according to the books, but seeing an old grandma nude is just too much for my young eyes.

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    • Regardless of all the theories concerning her glamour, I dont think the writers will even focus on that or bring it up again because they are focused on her purpose in the resurrection of Jon Snow as well as moving the plot forward

    • I disagree. I think it will be touched on again, otherwise what was even the point in showing that to us?

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  • Same. I wanted to turn my head in horror, but I couldn't. What has been seen cannot be unseen



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  • It was alright
    They hint throughout the books that she's an old lady
    I liked that they confirmed it but really... the mirror shot was enough... didn't have to show us her old ass body lol

    • Exactly. That scene was pretty long and I'm sure that Melisandre doesn't even eat nor sleep, but only does it to appear somewhat more human to others. However in this scene, she slept regardless.

  • Fucking give me a link.

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