What do you think of my rap lyrics?

Baby daddy where oh where is baby boy
Daddy said I saw him playing with toys
Mommy sat and cried as she saw blood years and broken toys
Daddy went on a run in the rain
Looking around for his baby feeling for his pain
He took his heart and soul and flushed it down the drain
Blood sweat and tears were falling from the pain
But a man jumped out of the brushes and said
I've got your babe
Daddy went up to the man and screamed in his fucking face
The man said calm down if you want to see your kid again.
Daddy obliged but he knew he was a fool again.
The man stated returns to this address with your wife and a pen
On the night of November 3rd we will see what happens friend

The father obliged
He returned in disguise
Yet all he saw was a note
It stated you have taken what was mine and now you need to get on your knees and beg like you went to chat
Daddy sat there and looked back at his wife
He reminisced about a man who once was a friend
He thought to himself who what where and when
Then he remembered back in 9th grade he saw his friends girl
He thought I it was ok to make out with her like she was a who're
He made a move
So he shoots and scores
The friend cried as daddy laughed
He ran away with the girl that stole his world
Feeling like riff raff
stating that life was just
tricks and traps

So as it appears this man is a fiend not a friend.
He hopes he won't have to pay the dividend.
He wrote a note and left it where he lay
It stated " you can have her back, just don't take my kid ok?"
The man had a laugh
He couldn't take him seriously as his perception has changed
He knew the women his once loved was a who're ok?
Its sexual desires and they drove him insane.
The family got a package no label
Smelling like fish with an exasperated time table
Mommy and daddy opened the package
He saw baby boys head lying fresh on the ground just cut off its tassle
With a little note inside that stated you have lost the raffle.
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  • Not bad. Makes me want to listen to Eminem (whose better lol)... Who is your inspiration? Was this a fast rap or slow?

    • Here is a link https://www.rappad.co/rap/272329
      It's a fast rap... Only the second song I've wrote so I have lots of work still. I have lots of inspirations in general but given the story behind this song I'd have to say it was Eminem lol. I think everyone on here was just butthurt about the lyrics because on the actual website for rappers ( rap pad) everyone seemed to like it so far :-)

    • Hmm... I'm not even big on rap... but I like Eminem lol

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