What's a guilty pleasure song, bad song, or good song by bad artist that you love to listen to?

Either a song by a bad artist or bad song that you like and listen to. Doesn't have to be secret
Mines Someday, Far Away, and If Everyone Cared by Nickelback. Even though they are hated and known for some crude lyrics, these are their songs that have good meaning to them and aren't about partying, getting high/drunk, or screwing over a girl. I don't hate Nickelback but I can understand why others do.


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  • I remember when "Patience" by Take That came out and nobody said anything because they were essentially a boyband (albeit slightly older) then eventually someone said they thought it was good. The floodgates opened and everybody agreed it was a great song so I suppose that is my guilty pleasure.


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  • 2 Live Crew- Me So Horny.

    The lyrics are dirty but too bad it has a catchy beat/melody cause I like that song😎


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