Does you BF/GF have hobbies?

Do you ever support them in their hobbies or help them persue them?
My wife loves to crochet , but she has a herititary condition called degenerative arthritis which makes it difficult to hold her needles for long periods of time. Over the years it has become more painful and she feared that she would have to stop doing something she loved to do. I watched the joy slowly fade away as the condition and pain progress , until. ...
Does you BF/GF have hobbies?Use used that bigger is better. She was so beside herself with how much this little creation relieved the pain that she had became so down hearted over. She has her joy back without all the pain. It took several failed attempts to design these for both comfort and convenients. She says she wouldn't change one thing. Share what hobbies yours have and how you help them.


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  • your a sweetheart!

    • She thinks I'm ok lol

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    • Ok maybe not fading. Just isn't as common place

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  • Same hobbies as mine basically.

  • Um... He likes video games.
    I like horseback riding.

    I buy him video games. He has yet to buy me a horse lol

    • You could buy a looooot of games for the price of a good horse ya know

    • I know haha. I own two horses :p they're expensive.

  • I know how your wife feels I to suffer with arthritis in my hands.

    • I didn't really know if my idea would really help or not. It made all the difference in the world for her

    • I hate to see how it has disfigured her hands and Kees her in pain. I can simpathize with you

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