Do you think a person who lies about their fighting/martial arts/athletic background should be just as socially scorned as a person who?

lies about their military background/status?

For instance, let's say you found a person who claims to be a black belt at a martial art or a golden gloves amateur boxing champion, only to later figure out that he/she is a phony just by how very little knowledge he/she has about his/her martial art that he/she trains in or a sport that he/she trained for. How would you feel about that?

As someone who is not only currently an amateur boxer but also has a father that both served in the US Army and was a professional boxer (with his amateur boxing background since his childhood up to his military service years) for a short while after he was honorably discharged, I'd be just as highly pissed of a phony golden gloves boxing champ or fake black belt (of any martial art) as I would with a phony military veteran with fake medal of honors. That's a huge slap in the face to those who've worked very hard for those achievements.

I can sense a fake amateur/pro boxer and a fake military service member when I see one (by asking what rolling and slipping a punch is or what a smoker is in boxing and asking them where were they in for their MOS, their military ID or what an MOS even is for military/US Army) after gaining my amateur boxing experience and learning a lot about the military from my father.

After watching these youtube videos, it just made my blood boil.

[Fake Black Belt]

[In case you don't know who Charlie Zelenoff (bald white guy in a black tank top shirt) is, he's a troll well-known among the internet boxing sensation for his fake amateur boxing stories and became a pro through his BS and yes, almost any person can become a professional boxer without even amateur background by passing a physical test and registering for a pro boxing state license. However, it takes a real talented amateur boxer to capture any attention from a decent promoter, manager, cornerman, and organization to get anywhere near close to the top.]

[Fake Army Ranger]

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  • Yes to the military one, because these are people who have gone through EXTREME struggle, both physically and mentally and have served the country in a way that a fighter has not. Now, I have MMA experience, so it annoys me, yes, but it's no where on the level of disrespect I feel when someone tries to impersonate a veteran. Because the thing is, if you claim to know how to fight and someone dusts your ass, that's no skin off my back, you just look dumb.

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  • i couldn't care less unless I am calling them my master/trainer.

    I only train to protect myself and others, although people are telling me I should enter amateur fights. but right now it's not in my strongest interest (off topic)

    but yeah, if they are exposed, whatever. I'll just find another one. I get a good feel of them to see if they're legit. I'm confident with my current trainer, he knows his shit.

  • A black belt's contribution to society pales in comparison to a war veteran, so no, I do not think they deserve punishment. Or at least not the same punishment as someone who has committed false valour.

  • The Solder or so called Solder, For all that Solders and
    /Brothers in Arms we did loose I would knock that guy out an strip him of every patch he had

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