Who Would You Want Training Under (Check Below For More Details)?

1) Wolverine

2) Spider-Man

3) Captain America

4) Batman

5) Thor

6) Dr. Strange

7) Mr. Fanatastic

For me, personally, it's between DS and SM. DS would open me up to the amazing abilities of magic allowing me to perform things I'd never be able to do without it. SM on the other would teach me how to be clever and resourceful while retaining a confident demeanor even in the toughest of situations.

What's your pick?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Batman. He seems the most human of the lot, and I'm not exactly superpowered, plus I have a Batman belt.

    • Nice. Seems like we got ourselves a true fan up in here. Plus Batman knows various forms of hand-to-hand combat and is quite resourceful even in challanging situations.

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  • Gambit, Venom, Savage Dragon or the turtles for me

    • Has to be anyone from the aforementioned list. But your choices aren't half bad brah.

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    • With Thor you'd get combat and with Strange you'd get magic. I'd have to go with the magic.

  • Dr. Strange cause magic is awesome


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