*possible spoilers* who thinks they know how game of thrones will end?

I personally think bran will be the last one standing (no pun)
what do you people think will happen?

if you want me to tell you what i think will happen leading up to the end just ask


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  • I haven't thought that far ahead.

    I think Brienne might die to save Jamie though, on the battlefield. Or even vice versa. And I think Ramsey Bolton is far too sneaky to die on the battlefield. Maybe he'll get caught sneaking away from it though if he realises his side is losing.

    Hoping podrick doesn't die but everyone saying he will. Think it would be a good shocker if danereys dies because people won't be expecting it, then maybe Tyrion will be the one taking the dragons to westeross.

    • Can i tell you what i think is gonna happen ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    • Lets see, uh this is more bassed off books but ill try and change it up to fit the show
      First off i think bran will be the "winner" of the game of thrones
      I think danny will kill cersei. John snow will be resurected and technically be released from the watch cause he died then go kill ramsey and unit the entire north (including wildings) then john will kill danny then jamie will kill john snow and bran will kill jamie to end it all it started ith those two so itll end with them
      And in the mean time i think everyone but tyrion will die
      Butttt and this is gonna get dark... he's gonna get his tongue cut out so he will pretty much be useless since that his "weapon"

    • Oh dear, poor Tyrion. I like the idea of bran killing Jamie and it sorta going full circle and I can defo see danny going power mad and john snow having to kill her so who knows.

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  • Only George rr Martin and the 2 directors of the tv show know how the whole thing ends.

    • So you have no opinion at all about how itll end?

    • no :(, I really need to re-watch the whole series and finally read the books. :(

    • The books are really good they can be a little intimidating (at least for me cause my avg book is around the 350 page mark and these are well over a thounsand)
      But once you start reading you get so hooked that you dont even notice the size of the book
      I deff recomend them

  • Everybody dies
    But I don't really care too much for that show to care about spoilers. I only watch that show when I'm bored


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