Any advice for working on "tone"?

I'm a saxophonist and I absolutely love the tone of the saxophonists in the band "The Seatbelts".
I play along with most of their tunes and to to emulate their phrasing and tonguing.
Just wondering if there are any particular exercises that could help me out.


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  • Tone is a very personal thing. You can emulate them, but chances are you will never sound exactly the same. Best you can do is find out what type of saxophone model they use and the reed brand. Practice with different reeds. Get comfortable with that saxophone and you'll get closer. You should also record yourself and listen to the playback. Just playing along with a soundtrack as a saxophonist won't do the job. It can help to an extent, but hearing yourself is more valuable.

    ~ 8 years alto sax experience. 4 years profesional


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  • Coleman Hawkins, John Coltrane, Lester Young all had great tone, just to mention a few. As to how they developed same, other than emulation, lessons and trial and error, I do not know as I'm a drummer. In case you haven't yet heard the joke, a drummer is someone who hangs around with musicians.


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