What should I title my music video?

I've asked this question before, but here's a poll, since more people seem to answer those. To give information on the video:
It is 6 and a half minutes long and contains 6 different songs. Each of them has meaning to my own personal life, which gives this music video a lot of meaning to me. I've been working on it for months, but yet I don't know what to call it.

It's about how I've been treated in the past, and, as a result, how I treat others now. Although I am not using real-life recordings, the video tells a story in it's own way, and some scenes are very similar to real life (minus the video effects). If you're confused, feel free to ask questions...

And yes, I know the definitions kind of go hand-in-hand, but I like the sound of the words. I want to know which one sounds better.
  • Recollections (A memory or the action of remembering something).
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  • Memories.
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  • Tribulation (A cause of trouble or suffering).
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  • Agony (Physical or mental suffering).
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  • Remorse (Deep regret or guilt for a wrong-doing).
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Guys it doesn't matter if you don't like my options. Just vote for the one you least hate.


Most Helpful Girl

  • None, all of them sound like an angsty teenage song written about how much life sucks in a first world country...

    • Well I'm not naming a SONG. That would be much different, and I'd give it a different name. The songs are already written, and no, they aren't about teenagers who complain about their lives. They're written by mature adults.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Where's the option that's not lame?

    • What would you suggest?

    • That's a good question. Due to the whiny, lugubrious nature of the video, I'm not sure what it could be called without sounding ridiculous.

      I'm gonna go with "I'm A Victim, Too" or "Angsty Moments From My Troubled Past".

    • Wow... Screw you, then.

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • How about "Reflections" because it sounds cool and I think it goes well with the overall theme

    • I have a lot of words in mind already. I don't want to add any more to the list, because then I'll never choose a name... But thank you

    • Aww yeah I totally understand, no problem, and good luck :)

  • Memories

  • Remorse

  • I voted C


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