If you were me, should I comeback to my boxing gym to train and compete in the amateurs or start training at this?

MMA gym nearby my house to learn BJJ and Muay Thai to later because an MMA fighter?

I'm just wondering since I grew up with boxing and have trained at a boxing gym since age 15 1/2(although I never had the chance to compete in the amaters due to school and family problems, I have plenty of sparring experience). I'm now 20(nearly 21) and haven't trained at a boxing gym or worked out in several months since I'm too busy with college and work. Now that I have a new job with more pay and a more flexible work shift, I'm thinking if whether I should return to my same boxing gym to start my amateur boxing or just go to an MMA Gym (although much more expensive) to learn more different martial arts and maybe get into competition for MMA if I become interested in it.

What are your thoughts?
  • Continue your boxing training to start your amateur competition
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  • Start training at the MMA gym to see how you like it and then maybe start competing for MMA.
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  • If I were you, I'd go with MMA, but that's because I watch that one more often.

    For you, I really have a non answer. Which are you more passionate about? If you are going to compete and potentially put your health and well being on the line, you should go for the one you really love the most.
    If you're going to just be doing this to stay fit or something, either will work obviously. It would be fun to continue to sharpen your skills (boxing) or learning something entirely new (BJJ, Muay Thai, wrestling). So which of those interests you? You could even do a trial run at the MMA one and learn a couple techniques along the way before really deciding.


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