My art classes ruined drawing for me. By the end of it the classes drawing had become torture to do even for fun. How do I make it enjoyable again?

I suck at drawing people so I took a college class for it. Smart idea right, sadly it was not I got a good teacher who knows what he is doing. He gave good lectures however instead of helping students. He would just rather draw and talk to the students rather than teach. So I was stuck in a class drawing models for 3 hours a day every day for a semester. By the end drawing anything was torture and I had not progressed any. oIn that class I learned not to care for my drawings when need be, and that I'm a better photographer and drawer. One third the way through I just wanted to start taking photos just so I could try capturing the awesome poses that the models were doing for me. I enjoyed drawing now it is just a pain. Why draw when I can easily take a photo of what I want? What can I do to make my art fun again?


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  • You wait for a while. Wait till the class is over, and then one day you will want to do it again. Or you can just leave something half completed like the outline of the painting and wait until you feel like you want to paint it.

    This happens to me with song writing, I will get really excited writing a song, and creating the instruments parts and even the preliminary demo recording, hen I will show it to someone and they will say that there is something about it they do t like. You know like industry professionals want verse chorus verse chorus, and don't really want anything to creative in it, just the basics of what they feel the majority of people will love to hear. So they make all their stupid comments and ruin the feeling of songwriting. But you just have to wait to feel it again and it will come back.

    Sometimes the best thing to do is walk away from it, do so. ething else and let your mind get out of that bad area. I find that art can ( if this makes any sense), turn on you and become something that isn't fun.


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  • You dont have to go to classes for it. My art teacher was cruel. Id just draw for fun on my own and learn from good drawers in youtube.

    • Well sadly I know that now. My questions is how do I make it fun again.
      Though thanks for the learning from youtube suggestion.

    • You can always find inspiration from people watching online (face pics) 😀. Draw people randomly.
      Or go to deviantart. com, saatchi. com or other art portal websites for ideas.

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  • People think their drawings have to be realist. Your drawing does not need to depict exactly what you see (as you would through the Lena's), only your impression or feeling.
    But if drawing doesn't make you happy, go back to photography.


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