What do you honestly think about the 2015 Pixar movie Inside Out?

Some has good points, helps people show their emotions, not bottle things up which is great and cute but it's misleading and boring. I watched it with my six year old nephew and he hated it. The dark parts made him cry and he never wants to see it again. I don't blame him. It's boring. 11 year old Riley goes from a sweet enthusiatic kid to an emotional preteen. She snaps at her parents, hangs up on her friend for having a new best friend, steals money from her mother and runs away. Then cries and says she misses her hometown which I understand. Only children are brats. Her parents should have spanked her. If they make a sequel Inside Out 2 I wear I'm going to shoot someone.
  • I agree with you. It was boring and misleading.
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  • I disagree. It was one of the best movies ever made. Thank you Pixar!
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  • Its was ok
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  • Riley was a brat
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  • I think it's a fantastic movie for kids. I hope they're making sequel
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  • They should make an Inside Out 2
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  • I didn't think it was boring. It's not boring at all. I thought it wasn't a solid film, plot wise. It's not the best Disney Pixar movie and I don't think it was memorable..

    Basically the explanation of human behaviour is down to five emotions that is personified with Joy being the dominant control freak leader. It just shows how fragile and complex the human mind can be but explained very basic and quite irrational. The plot is just all about how how one emotion named Sadness touched an orb and it goes downhill from there, gradually destroying the islands especially when Joy and Sadness left the HQ. Thus affecting her cognitive capability which results her from not thinking rationally and being impulsive... The plot is not solid, I mean one question then has to be asked. Do these personified emotions have personified emotions in their head? and so on.

    But I do get the movie, of what it is trying to achieve. It's trying to make a plot relatable to many people of the shittiness of moving out to a whole new place as a kid. I myselfed experienced that, I was the same age (minus 1 year) as Riley when I moved to a new unfamiliar place. I can agree it is very very shitty but the plot of five personified emotions just didn't cut it for me.


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  • I voted option F as my opinion didn't really fit with any other options in the vote.

    Option A: I didn't find it boring or misleading I really enjoyed it, I try not to take animations too seriously they are aimed at kids after so it has to be told in a way a child will understand what's going on and feel a connection to the characters

    Option B: Good film yes - best EVER made? Not at all!

    Option C: but it was WAY more than just "OK"

    Option D: I didn't think Riley was a brat, again it had to be told in a way it would capture its target audience - children (your nephew may have hated it but I'm sure there's plenty of kids who loved itΒ£

    Option E & F: These two sound pretty much the same answer and I definitely would like a sequel, again I don't take animation films seriously enough to notice misleading aspects to a story, I enjoyed the characters and thought the way they told a story of Riley's life in such a short space going from birth to teenager was handled well in a short frame.

    • Well ok your opinion but I hope they don't make a sequel and her teenage and adulthood. Ugh stupid brat and she's an only child

  • I think it was a wonderful movie and my little sister loved it as well. Everyone has their own opinions on the movie. It wasn't meant to be scary and for a little kid it's just a fun animated movie. I thought it was better than Frozen and everyone thought that was the greatest movie ever.

  • I don't know what its like for kids, but my sisters and I really enjoyed it. I loved the imagination involved in the story. It was sweet and left a good feeling.

    • Fine. I just hope they dont make another movie about Riley's teen and adulthood.

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    • you're completely entitled to your opinion. i just said that because sometimes people get soooo angry about sequels or remakes as though they're being forced. I think pixar is given a high reputation so sometimes everything gets overhyped and messes up peoples experiences.

    • Thanks for understanding. I hope they don't make a sequel about Riley's teen and adulthood.

  • G- I don't care

    Did it really warrant 2 posts? Also, you're 25. Nice to know you're criticizing movies meant for 10 year old girls πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  • Didn't you just ask this? Look people have different opinions about it. Some think it's the best movie, some doesn't. Get over it. You can't stop, people from liking it.

  • Neither of these. Great film, not one of the best ever, shouldn't make a sequel.

  • I loved it? Why are you asking this again? Are you that obbsessed about a cartoon movie?


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