Ideas for a story... Most comedic, most horrific? There will be two characters that shrink and one is more unlucky... choose scariest from poll?

If you can imagine what it would be like to shrink really really small, what would be your biggest fear? Please choose from poll and respond with the one that could be a more comedic situation, possibly that they could get out of.
Thanks 😁
  • A giant boy captures them in a jar and want to keep them as a pet. 🔎
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  • Falling in to a spiderweb with a hungry spider approaching fast. 😱
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  • Falls into a gigantic glass which gets picked up and drank by their enormous mother. 🍷
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  • Is discovered by a hungry frog. 🐸
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  • Their mother desides it's time to vaccuum. 💥
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  • Their friend fails to notice them and steps down hard. 👣👠
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What would be your biggest fear if you shrunk? 🔎 🐜 🔍
Would shrinking scare you or would you look at it as an adventure?


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What Girls & Guys Said

  • The most scary ones would be eating by a frog and by a spider and even getting sucked up in a vacuum cleaner

    The most funniest to me is almost being stepped on by friend and being a pet in a glass jar and even a pet in a doll house.

    It could be an adventure but a very scary adventure.


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